Reversing the Pattern of HIV/AIDS Discrimination through Entrepreneurship

Beylinda, also known as Feby, reinforces mainstream support of HIV/AIDS survivors in Maluku. She is reversing the discriminatory pattern of society towards HIV/AIDS survivors by improving public health services and empowering them to build and develop their businesses. "We can not deny it; the discrimination and negative stigma against HIV/AIDS survivors still exist. It will affect people's emotional well-being and mental health", said Beylinda.

Responding to this issue, Yayasan Pelangi Maluku, a non-governmental organization (NGO), is engaged in the health sector and actively participates in the HIV/AIDS Eliminating Program through Key Population Outreach and Peer Support Programs. "Through Yayasan Pelangi Maluku, we are thriving for equal rights for ODHA", Beylinda explained.

As an SSR Coordinator– Women Commercial Sex Worker Outreach Program, Beylinda strives to support every woman in YPM to fulfil their needs by building their business. Therefore, when she first heard of Basic Entrepreneurship Training (BET) organized by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) together with SIAP (Social Innovation Acceleration Program), she informed her fellows in YPM and took the opportunity together.

Through Basic Entrepreneurship Training, Beylinda finally found a way to sustain Yayasan Pelangi Maluku. Her business acumen is sharpening through BET by learning about venture capital and impact investment. "We are starting to understand how to use government funds to fight for fellow survivors wisely". For Beylinda, Basic Entrepreneurship Training is considered quite helpful. She hopes that the training's material can be disseminated through peer support groups so that they can empower other fellows.

"One of my fellow, Sofia, participated in this training to help her business grow. She built an office canteen to sell snacks and drinks originally made from woman fellows in her district.", Beylinda added.

"Now, I will try to continue breaking gender barriers and reversing the pattern of discrimination against ODHA", Beylinda explained. She hopes that everyone can continue their fight because HIV/AIDS is not the end of everything. "God gives you a chance to live twice. It's a wonderful thing because not everyone gets the same opportunity", she added.