Empowering Women through Digital Transformation

In a technology-based society, the nature of work is changing dramatically. As a result, changemakers, innovators, and problem-solvers need to rethink the concept of jobs, create a new social contract and transform education towards faster and lifelong learning. Michele, an Economics Student of UNPATTI, have recently noticed this change among her friends. She, however, particularly believes in community empowerment. A community allow her to converse with friends while also learning new digital skills, fostering self-actualisation, and advancing career development for young people in her community.

"I had experienced an internship rejection before. So, I assume that it is caused by a lack of knowledge and digital skills or ability", said Michele. Michele and her friends wanted to take advantage of internships as their self-development and career-development journey as college students. However, their application is rejected because they lack the necessary qualifications or are less qualified than desired. "I don't want to see more women in Eastern Indonesia face the same rejection as what happened to us before".

In this 21st century, some efforts are needed to develop digital transformation skills as everything from interactivity to accessibility is affected by digital technology's convenience, power, versatility, and speed. On the other hand, digital transformation is helping close the gender gap and empower women and can be the key to providing equal opportunities for women around the globe. "Even though we had not seen direct discrimination in our ecosystem, women are still often seen as weak subjects with limited space for women's mobility", said Michele.

She built Tanpa Batas as a learning platform to develop and empower digital transformation skills for young people, especially women. "We want to add more value to Tanpa Batas, where young people, especially women fellows, can elevate their skills without limits," said Michele.

Responding to the gender issue, Michele has joined Yayasan Jujaro, a community that empowers women in Ambon, Maluku. She is motivated by her team at Jujaro and seeks to build Tanpa Batas to be a place for everyone, regardless of gender, to develop and learn about digital transformation. "I want to express my voice and continue the hero's spirit in Maluku, Martha Tiahahu. Her enthusiasm motivated me to actively contribute to the environment and remove the stigma about gender inequality", said her.

When she first heard of Basic Entrepreneurship Training (BET) organised by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) together with SIAP (Social Innovation Acceleration Program), Michele, without hesitation, took the opportunity. "I thought Tanpa Batas won't ever create an impact on society. It turns out I was wrong", said Michele.

Through Basic Entrepreneurship Training, Michele finally found a way to continue Tanpa Batas. Her business acumen is sharpening through BET by learning about the root-caused of gender issues, digital marketing, funding support, and fundraising scheme. "I shouldn't stop my effort in building Tanpa Batas and empowering women fellows through digital transformation", she added.

"Now, I will try to continue breaking gender barriers and empowering more women through Tanpa Batas", Michele explained. She hopes her business will continue growing. She also hopes that more young people can start their businesses.