Woman Breaking Stigma

The field of digital technology currently still has various stigmas that prevent women from entering it. This results in the low participation of women. This is what drives Clara Amalia Ismayanti, a 5th semester Informatics Engineering student at the University of Papua. She is determined to break the various stigmas surrounding digital technology, especially in Eastern Indonesia.

This Toraja-born woman majored in Informatics Engineering because of advice from her parents who saw her interest in the computer world since childhood. "I thought that IT was only studying like Microsoft, but it turns out that IT is very broad and there are many things that I have to learn in the IT world," explained Clara.

Clara got information from her classmate at college about the Web Development: Becoming a Professional Web Developer training held by Clevio Coder Camp. "I was given suggestion to participate in website development training because the community’s website of the IT department still needs to be developed so that friends can easily get information about lecture activities and community information," Clara explained.

Clara views that this learning opportunity will greatly support the development of her skills, which she feels that she has not acquired during her studies. Unfortunately, Clara did not find the same enthusiasm in her friends who still thought that the training held was far above the standards of those who live in Eastern Indonesia. Clara was determined to break the stigma.

This Web Development: Becoming a Professional Web Developer training was part of the Employment and Livelihood Project, jointly implemented by four United Nations (UN) agencies in Indonesia, including the ILO. The joint project was funded by UN COVID-19 Response and Recovery Multi-Partner Trust Fund (UN MPTF). For 3 weeks, participants studied independently using the Learning Management System (LMS) provided in collaboration with Clevio and the Axioo Class Program through the learning-work platform.com. Coach programming guidance from Clevio is also provided in the form of live coaching sessions and class groups on Telegram where participants can ask questions if there are difficulties doing assignments.

The material designed for beginners in the world of web programming is considered by Clara to be quite concise and easy to understand. However, it was not without problems. “The tasks given can be said to be difficult and easy, because while practicing I experienced an error during completion. I am grateful that the coach gave me direction so that I could create a website,” she explained. In addition, internet connection is also often a challenge in itself. Often times Clara has to open the LMS at night when the network is better.

Coach provides materials that were very easy to understand by all participants who attend various trainings. For Web Development training, Clara and other participants received materials such as Front-end Development, Back-end Development, and Full Stack Development. The process she learned during the training, such as gathering information to create the best strategy for website development, designing website development for the purpose of forming a sitemap and wireframe, and realising this design was the final stage in the material presented before the participants practiced the knowledge that had been conveyed by the Coaches.

At the end of this Web Development training, participants were also provided with Job Preparation and Independent Business training which was full of soft skills needed for a successful career in today's digital world. It didn't stop there, participants who completed the training well and completed all assignments got the opportunity to have an online internship at MaestroByte Solutions, a partner company of the Axioo Class Program. Clara's hard work paid off when she became one of the participants recommended by Clevio's coaches to participate in this internship program, where participants would gain valuable experience for 6 months (December 2021 to May 2022) learning to work in various supply companies. IT solutions.

In the future, Clara plans to further develop her skills in the IT field. “I already have a plan to develop my knowledge to a more expert stage in the field of Web Development. I hope that the plan that I have drawn up will be given ease by God,” she said. Not only that, seeing the great need in Papua in the field of technology education, Clara aspires to become a lecturer so that in the future she can help develop technology education in Papua.

"My message and hope for friends who are in Eastern Indonesia, we shouldn't have to feel inferior to our abilities in anything, with those on the island of Java. I don't know when this negative stigma appeared, but I want to break the stigma, Eastern Indonesians are also able to compete. And for Clevio, I hope this training can be continued for all people, especially in Eastern Indonesia,” concluded Clara.