Becoming a Professional Web Developer

Gaining knowledge in the field of information technology, especially computer programming is not always easy for those who live outside of Java. Whereas the need for human resources (HR) in this field is very high. This has prompted many young people, such as Nur Istiqomah, 21, to migrate to Jakarta, leaving her home in Southeast Sulawesi to study in a field that is rarely practiced by women.

This 7th semester student who was born in Kendari, who usually called Isti, has been interested in Informatics Engineering since she was in high school. From a senior who became a role model for her, Isti was invited to pursue programming and Isti became more confident in choosing Informatics Engineering and was confident about her future success in this field. “I was advised by a senior to enter this field. Then when I found out about informatics engineering, it turned out that human resources for this field are very much needed by companies, especially in start-ups," said Nur Istiqomah.

However, the pandemic caused her study at Mercu Buana University in Jakarta to be hampered and forced Isti to return to Kendari to take part in online lectures. From advertisement on Instagram, Isti saw an opportunity to learn website programming for free through the Web Development Training: Becoming a Professional Web Developer held by Clevio Coder Camp. She didn't waste this opportunity. "When I was in college, what I learned was only on website and only the basics. I hope that in this training, I can further develop my knowledge of programming itself," said Isti.

This Web Development: Becoming a Professional Web Developer training was part of the Employment and Livelihood project, funded by the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Multi-partner Trust Fund (UN MPTF). For 3 weeks, participants studied independently using the Learning Management System (LMS) provided in collaboration with Clevio and Axioo Class Program through the study-work to access online training materials. Coach programming guidance from Clevio was also provided in the form of Live Coaching Sessions and class groups on Telegram where participants can ask questions if there are difficulties with assignments.

The material designed for beginners in the world of web programming was considered by Isti to be quite concise and easy to understand. She also learned a lot of material during the training. “When I was in training, I could distinguish between Laravel, Code Igniter and others, this opened my eyes wider about the world of programming, especially Web Development,” she explained. In addition, she really enjoyed this long-distance method, where during training the guidance from the coach was considered very professional and always ready to help the participants. According to her, LMS was quite good, both from the learning video and the coach who explained it.

At the end of this Web Development training, participants were also provided with Job Preparation and Independent Business training which was loaded with soft skills needed for a successful career in today's digital world. It didn't stop there, participants who completed the training well and completed all assignments got the opportunity to have an online internship at MaestroByte Solutions, a partner company of the Axioo Class Program. Isti's hard work paid off when she became one of the participants recommended by Clevio's coaches to participate in this internship program, where participants will gain valuable experience for 6 months (December 2021 to May 2022) learning to work in various companies providing various IT solutions services.

In addition to participating in an internship program, Isti has also started working as a freelance web developer. Shortly after the training was over, Isti worked on a website project for her friend's culinary business, a Kendari specialty food business called Athifah. Isti's own website is also managed for free, as the first step in building her portfolio. "I make a website and design it for free, I thought because this is my first step in terms of website creation," explained Isti.

Her career as a freelance web developer is also confirmed by creating an account and building a portfolio on the freelance website where Isti hopes to get future website development projects and develop her knowledge in the field of web programming. In the future, Isti wants to work as a web programmer in a start-up company. In addition, seeing the importance of developing human resources in the field of digital technology, Isti also aspires to open a programming course in her area in the future. “For our friends in Eastern Indonesia, we must be more aware that the digital world is progressing and that there are quite a lot of human resources needed. So if there are trainings regarding programming, they should join, because the trainings can help us in the future,” concluded Isti.